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First class highly experienced Counsel with specialist expertise. Whether you are a company or an individual, you will have direct access to specialist advice without the need for a Solicitor

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At Direct Barristers Ltd we tend to find that due to the relatively new availability of direct access to a Barrister, most people are unaware this service exists.  This in turn means that most people are not aware of the many advantages of choosing the direct access route.


Direct Barristers Ltd has access to vastly experienced Barristers who are experts in their designated area of law.  They are able to assist and advise on all areas of law, including doing things like, drafting letters, writing contracts and how to deal with any type of dispute, as well as advise and represent you in court.


Once we have identified what your needs are, we will remove the stress of identifying a first class Barrister and take full ownership of the matter. We then make contact with a number of Barristers’ Chambers and will get back to you, usually that same day, with the best options for you.

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Highly Skilled Commercial Barristers

At Direct Barristers we can facilitate the highest level of legal advice for whatever issue your business is facing.

We have long established relationships with a number of Barristers who have the expertise and experience in Court, including Crown Court; High Court (Chancery and Queen’s Bench Divisions) and the County Court.

In times of austerity and efficiency savings all businesses need to save money and work leaner in order to compete in their respective business environment.

Some of our Specalist First Class Legal Expertise

Commercial Litigation

We recognise that sometimes things simply have to proceed to a court hearing and circumstances dictate the need for your company to bring an action in order to get what is rightfully yours.

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By seeking the appropriate legal advice from a Barrister who specialises in employment law you can prevent a lot of the issues that occur and in doing so protect your business from expensive litigation costs.

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Health and Safety

Direct Barristers will put you directly in touch with an experienced Barrister who will take ownership of your case from the beginning and guide you through the process step by step.

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The criminal law is the law relating to how the state enforces the conduct of its citizens.  In England and Wales breaches of the criminal law are prosecuted in the Magistrates’ Court or for more serious offences the Crown Court.

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