In English law, just as it is a criminal offence to steal, rob or murder, so it is a criminal offence for two or more people to agree with one another to commit that offence.  An agreement to commit an offence is called a conspiracy.  The offence of conspiracy can be committed even if the intended offence is never carried out.

By their very nature, large-scale conspiracies are often complex, involving substantial amounts of information and data.  Investigations into, and prosecutions of, such conspiracies can be long and drawn out, such that they involve a great deal of work. and preparation.

If you find yourself subject to an investigation for such an offence you will need advice and assistance from the earliest stage possible.  We can find you an experienced Barrister who can best protect your interests throughout this whole process, and with the aim of helping you to persuade the authorities not to prosecute you.

If you find yourself being prosecuted then we will find you an experienced Barrister to help you prepare for, and to represent you at, your trial, with the aim of securing a not guilty verdict.

The principle types of large-scale conspiracies include conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to supply controlled drugs, conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to rob and conspiracy to steal.

We can find you experienced trial counsel to represent you if you are charged with any of these offences.


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