Environmental law incorporates a broad range of legal topics but, in general terms, it is to do with the use of private and commercial property and their relationship with air, water and land.

Planning law is one component of environmental law, and is often how the general public and businesses come into contact with it.  Other major topics of environmental law include, air pollution regulation, waste management, water use, conservation and heritage, noise pollution and contaminated land.

Could my business be prosecuted for breaching environmental law?

Yes, as the Government takes environmental law very seriously indeed. In some cases, a breach of environmental law can be a criminal offence resulting in punishment by way of a fine or worse.


How can Direct Barristers assist me?

Direct Barristers will find you a Barrister who can help your business undertake a complete and comprehensive environmental law assessment, which will help your company be fully compliant.

Direct Barristers understands the issues a modern business faces in this area and will obtain cost effective legal advice for your business in a timely fashion.


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