The law in relation to planning can be very complex and the use of an experienced Barrister will be crucial to you from the very start of any project.  If you want to change the use of your land, or develop it or build new structures, you will have to tackle the UK’s planning laws.

Planning law provides legal controls on the use of property for development and other purposes. It tries to balance environmental and social concerns with the individual’s desire to maximum use of their private property.

Proposals about the use of your land will have to be submitted to your local council in the form of a planning permission application. For larger works, the council may require you to provide substantial information with your application, such as undertaking an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or other steps.

Proceeding without granted planning permission could end in a financial disaster. If you are in charge of a current building site, and you are considering advancing the work without first receiving planning permission, you are strongly urged to carefully consider your actions.

Direct Barristers can help to put you in contact with a Barrister who specialises in planning law, potentially avoiding any unnecessary costs, inconvenience and stress on your project.


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