Regulatory proceedings may involve disciplinary investigations and hearings before a professional body and/or criminal investigations and proceedings before the criminal courts.  If you are a professional person, your conduct will be governed by the rules of your professional body.  This might be The General Medical Council, The General Dental Council, The Solicitors Regulation Authority, The Bar Council, The Independent Police Complaints Commission, The Professional Standards Department, of any number of Constabularies , or any number of regulatory bodies.

If you find yourself being investigated by your professional body or have been told that you must face a misconduct hearing then it is essential that you do all you can to protect your professional reputation and your career.

Direct Barristers will help you find a Barrister with the right level of knowledge and experience to advise and represent you throughout the process.

Sometimes, either separately or at the same time as misconduct proceedings, professional people can also find themselves subject to criminal proceedings concerning regulatory breaches.  In such circumstances investigations and/or prosecutions might be brought by the The Financial Conduct Authority, Health and Safety Executive, Trading Standards Department, The Office of Fair Trading, Environmental Health, or any number of other regulatory bodies. Again, it is important to obtain legal advice at an early a stage as possible.  This is where e come in and will help you to find the right Barrister for your case.




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