If you find yourself facing an allegation of violent crime, getting the best representation from the outset is of paramount importance. There is a strong likelihood that if you are convicted of an offence in this category you will receive a lengthy custodial sentence.

Offences of this nature will inevitably involve trial by jury.  The experience and skill of your Barrister is without doubt the most important factor when it comes to achieving the best possible outcome.  We will find you a Barrister with the strength of personality and skill set to deal with every aspect of the jury trial process, including tactics, procegure, evidence and law.

Offences we can assist with are:

  • Murder and attempted murder
  • Manslaughter (see manslaughter section)
  • Section 18 wounding or GBH
  • Section 20 wounding or GBH
  • Section 47 Assault or ABH
  • Common assault or battery
  • Rape and other violent sexual offences
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